Environmental Policy Federal Marine Terminals | Environmental Policy

A member of the Fednav Group, Federal Marine Terminals (FMT) recognizes that its activities have an impact on the environment. FMT is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and accordingly, has developed the following policies and objectives.

Annual improvement targets are also established and progress is measured through industry programs, such as Green Marine, or in-house performance indicators.

The main environmental issues faced by the stevedoring and marine terminals industry can be outlined in four categories.

  1. 1. Greenhouse gas and other air emissions
  2. 2. Water and land pollution prevention
  3. 3. Conflicts of use with neighboring population
  4. 4. Hazardous materials

FMT has developed policies and implemented specific actions and solutions to address the above. For avoidance of doubt, this environmental policy is always subject to safety considerations.

FMT conducts its business through operating or leased agreements, and intends to collaborate with Port Authorities to promote best practices for the environment.

Finally, FMT keeps a log of incidents and follows up with the appropriate corrective actions to prevent repetition of such incidents.