Environmental Policy Environmental Policy | Hazardous materials


FMT on occasion handles and stores hazardous materials. These can by their nature, be explosive, corrosive, flammable or toxic and an accidental release may not only cause safety concerns but also be harmful to the environment. This can also be the case for some materials that are harmless on their own, but may become hazardous if in contact with other materials or under certain circumstances.

FMT is committed to minimizing the risks to the environment related to the handling and storing of hazardous materials and has put controls and measures in place to this effect.


To reduce the potential adverse effect such materials may have on the environment, relevant FMT personnel have been trained to understand the properties of these materials and to be knowledgeable on the safe handling and storing procedures to alleviate the risk of accidents.

Safe handling and storage methods are continuously reviewed and necessary training is conducted to ensure that relevant personnel's knowledge is kept current on new methods and precautions.

It is also FMT's policy to make sure that all necessary information and documentation is obtained prior to handling hazardous materials and that all relevant rules and regulations are followed when handling and storing such materials.

FMT has contingency and emergency procedures in place at terminals that handle dangerous materials. These plans include the necessary actions in case of emergency and contain the contact details of relevant authorities and specialized contractors that can be called-in when needed.